5 Quick, Simple Ways to Get Ready For Golf Season

Getting Ready for Golfing Season

We know you’re itching to get out on the course with your buddies to play your first round of the season. Yet with a few, hopefully quick months left of winter, it isn’t quite time yet. But guess what? There’s plenty you can do in the meantime to prep for the golf season. Between working on physical fitness, mental sharpness, and organization, these 5 golf preparation steps will have you in tip top golf shape come spring.

Getting Ready for Golfing Season

Learn Some Warm-Up Stretches

Getting Ready for Golfing SeasonWhat fun will the golf season be if you injure yourself on the first swing? To ensure you get to play a nice loooong season of golf, it’s recommended to do a bit of warming up and stretching before practicing or playing. Loosen up your spine, get some blood pumping into the muscles, and release tension. How do you do that quickly and easily? Check out this video of some golf-recommended stretches. Learn and practice these stretches now so it’s simple muscle memory once the weather warms up and it’s golf go-time once again.

Get Your Mind in The Game

Once the season starts all you’re going to want to do is play, play, play. Now is the perfect time to sharpen your knowledge with a bit of golf reading. Read that golf book you got as a gift for the holidays, or order the book you’ve been hearing good things about. Even simpler, check out one of these sites for a constant stream of helpful golf knowledge:

Discover the Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy to Help You Get More Out of Your Game

Go on a Cardio Kick

getting ready for golf season - spin classIt’s cold out, the holidays happened, and cardio isn’t everyone’s favorite pastime. We get it, in the winter months it can be challenging to keep up with cardio, but your body and golf game will be on point if you begin getting in regular cardio workouts now. Utilize the equipment at your local gym, check out group fitness classes such as spin, or brave the cold and go for a run. You’ll seriously thank yourself later when you have no trouble breezing your way through 18 holes and your buddies are struggling to make it through!

Prep Your Equipment

Discovering your equipment needs some maintenance while you’re in the middle of a game is a serious golf buzz kill. By simply going through and looking over your equipment now you’ll be able to save yourself a headache later.

  • Re-Groove Clubs
  • Clean Golf Clubs
  • Check Shafts and Grips
  • Change Any Clubs That Need it
  • Empty Out Golf Bag and Organize

Practice Putting

getting ready for golfing season puttingOf course, there are plenty of golf skills that one cannot work on at home, but putting isn’t one of them! One of the most important skills and one that’s fairly simple to practice at home, this is a great way to get ready for the season. You can DIY by setting up an area with similar-sized items, i.e. large books or couch pillows, and then place them on the floor one club-face distance apart. Your putter should fit between the two items, and then place a golf ball in the middle. Now you’re ready to begin, practice putting the ball between the two items; if your putter touches or hits one of the objects then it’s an indication that your swing isn’t straight.

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