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An Elegant Exterior + a Rock n’ Roll Interior Combine to Create The Raddest Concert Venue Around

capital theater port chester ny

Today’s society moves quickly and changes interests rapidly. Yet, thankfully, there are still places, events, and activities that maintain their popularity regardless of the changing technologies and interests of the time.

Going to see one’s favorite band, singer, comedian, etc. has always been, and will always be, a popular way to spend an evening. Especially when the concert venue is magnificent.

Not all concert venues are created equal, not by a long shot. Listening to the riveting voice of Bon Iver surrounded by haystacks and mosquitoes on a hot summer’s day will never be as incredible as listening to him indoors, surrounded by elegance, with the finest acoustics imaginable.

Which is exactly the experience you’ll have at Capitol Theater, one of New York’s most iconic and historical theaters.

Why You Must Visit Capitol Theatre Port Chester NY

As if the Hudson Valley needs more to boast about the village of Port Chester in Westchester County, New York is home to Capitol Theatre. If you’ve been craving a concert night out, we’ve got 5 solid reasons why you should head to Port Chester to catch a show at Capitol Theatre.

It’s Got a Cool History

capital theater port chester NY
The Capitol Theatre, designed by noted architect Thomas Lamb, opened on Wednesday, August 18, 1926 as a dignified playhouse with great decorative beauty and luxurious comfort. Source: The Capitol Theatre

First off, Capitol Theatre was designed by the iconic theater architect Thomas Lamb. It opened in 1926 as a dignified playhouse. At the time of opening, Capitol Theatre seated 2,000, all of which were occupied during it’s opening night. Originally a playhouse, the theater evolved alongside the burgeoning Hollywood to become a movie theater. People traveled far and wide to catch a show at the Capitol up until the ‘60s when movies began to fade from popularity and live music exploded in popularity.

The 1960s to the early 1970s brought in a psychedelic theater renovation and a rock n roll live music venue was born. The 1980s – 1990s saw a renovation, change of ownership, and a small revival. From a catering hall to a concert venue, the Capitol had many uses during this time.

A theater as elegant and iconic as the Capitol was always bound to burst back into life, and it did in 2011. Peter Shapiro announced in December of 2011 that the Capitol would be reopening under his tutelage. Renovations began and he breathed new life into the historical theater, installed state-of-the-art light, sound and video systems, new carpets, repainted walls, and upgraded bathrooms. Now, the Capitol is every ounce as epic as it was originally intended to be, and perhaps even more so!

The Concert Line-up Variety is On-Point

Unlike many other concert venues, the Capitol Theatre prides itself on offering a colorful variety of acts. This isn’t the type of theater anyone avoids due to monotonous show offerings. In a single quarter, the Avett Brothers, John Mulaney, The Disco Biscuits, and Bob Dylan & His Band will be performing on various weekends.

Wilco, Steely Dan, Bon Iver, and so many others have all graced the stage at some point, and likely will again. Check out the calendar to see which performers may interest you!

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

capital theater port chester ny
The Capitol Theatre || Photo by Chad Anderson

Head-banging, laughing, and singing along are all more enjoyable in aesthetically pleasing surroundings. The theater features a beautiful front facade which exudes elegance and an ode to the prestige of a time period long gone. Yet, when you enter the vibe changes to one of rock n’ roll with a strict palette of black, gold, and red. Gold rock n roll lace trimmings details the walls as well as vibrant red mandala patterns. The actual stage and auditorium are still remarkably similar to its original magnificence, it’s just been given a bit of a facelift and few modern amenities.

Some of The Greatest Musical Acts in History Have Played at The Capitol

Artists won’t just play at any old theater. Some of the greatest acts in history have performed at the Capitol Theatre, which speaks volumes to the prestige and capabilities of the theater! We’re talking The Grateful Dead (near 18 shows back in the day), Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, Santana, and David Bowie are all part of the Capitol Theater family. You can see for yourself who’s played at the theater, as some of the greatest acts are displayed on the wallpaper.

Port Chester is a Culinary Haven

Did the restaurant business boom in response to the Capitol? Yes, yes it did! Because everyone loves the concept of dinner and a show. A trip to Port Chester for a Capitol show can be more than just one stop. We highly recommend making a date of it! Arrive in Port Chester a few hours before your concert, and enjoy delightful libations at:

If you’re heading to the Hudson Valley this summer for a delightful vacation, you may just need to add a stop in Port Chester to take in a show at the iconic Capitol Theatre! For your accommodation needs, head to Doral Arrowwood Resort, a mere 10-minute drive or ÜBER ride from the theater.

Header image photo credit: Scott Harris

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