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Traveling For Work? 5 Considerations to Make When Choosing Accommodations

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Travel – a word that represents fun, new experiences, excitement, relaxing and much, much more. Yet, add another word in front of travel and it takes on a whole new meaning – business travel.

Traveling for business isn’t always quite as, shall we say, relaxing as leisure travel, but it’s an important type of travel nonetheless.

Making the most of your business travel trip can be challenging at times, as you’ve likely experienced. Not every destination or hotel is optimized to support both leisure and business travelers, and that can take a toll on the business travelers!

Every business trip takes time, energy, and resources, and without a doubt, you want to set yourself up to be successful even when away from the office. Many of the common business travel woes can be amended with a few considerations made ahead of time.

Win at Traveling with These Business Travel Tips

For your benefit, we’ve compiled a handful of business travel tips to utilize while you, or your planner, begin to work out the logistics of your next business travel trip:

1. Save Time, Keep Everything Close By

business travel tipsIt’s likely your business trip is quick, with plenty packed in. Having a full schedule is one thing, but feeling rushed and pressed for time is another. You can avoid feeling stressed for time by:

  • Staying near hotel
  • Arranging all meetings and events within easy and quick travel distance

Make sure that everything is convenient not only mileage-wise but transport-wise. Can you hop in an uber and be there within 5-10 minutes? Or is traffic so thick that though the hotel is a few miles away, it takes an hour to get there? Do your research now to save time later on.

2. Working Space in Your Accommodation

One of the most important factors of business travel is your actual working space needs. Though it’s 2017, there are still plenty of hotels or other types of accommodations which don’t offer the tools you need to be successful. When booking accommodations check for:

  • Quick wi-fi connection
  • Hotel business center
  • In-room connectivity and desk offerings

Bottom line – you need to be able to work at your accommodation, and better to ensure ahead of time that you’ll be able to.

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3. Cuisine Considerations

There are a few different factors to consider when it comes to food. 1. Do you have any special eating needs? I.e. gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, allergies, and more. If you do, be sure your accommodations can accommodate your eating needs, which will save you time having to go out and search for food you can eat. 2. Will you be meeting clients or other business personnel for meals? If so, choose a hotel which features dining establishments you can meet at, or choose accommodations within easy walking distance to other dining establishments.

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4. Mind, Body, Spirit

business travel tipsThough you’re away for business, it’s imperative to take moments to unwind and decompress. In order to save time and effort, choose accommodations which offer various relaxing or, if preferable, stimulating amenities. Perhaps your idea of unwinding and letting your brain “check-out” briefly is via a spa treatment. Or, if sitting still is not your M.O. but golf is, choose accommodations featuring a golf course.

5. Miscellaneous Needs

It could be that your business travel requires other amenities or considerations. There are more business types and models this day in age than ever before! Here are a few needs that could be a factor in less common industries, but important all the same!:

  • Hotel room space for large equipment
  • Space to move – i.e. yoga, fitness, etc.
  • Background for filming, selfies, other social media needs
  • Anything else!

You know best what you may need, so be sure to check with any potential hotels that the property can support you. You may not be able to find out every detail from the hotel’s website, in which case we advise calling the hotels and speaking to their representatives.

Choose to stay where you can make the absolute most out of your business travel. It’s just that simple. If planned and executed well, there’s no reason why your business travel can’t be as smooth and satisfying as leisure travel (just in a different way)!

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