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To Ensure It’s The Perfect Day, Here are 10 Thoughtful Intimate Wedding Tips

small intimate wedding ideas

When it comes time to sit down and plan a wedding, the idea of an intimate wedding can start to look exceptionally appealing to many couples. There are a variety of reasons why a couple may wish to have a smaller wedding, some of which include:

  • Cost
  • Personal Preference
  • Not the first wedding
  • Older Couple

small intimate wedding ideasWeddings are costly occasions, and many couples prefer to spend that money on a house, big trip, or put it into savings to name a few. For some couples, the thought of being surrounded by more than just their closest family and friends is not their dream. Couples who have been married before may have already done the big to-do and would prefer something much more intimate this time. Additionally, couples who choose to marry at an older age may wish to skip the large wedding and opt for an intimate one.

There are so many reasons we love intimate weddings, and intimate weddings have so many advantages.

Fewer guests may result in the ability to spend more on certain things – i.e. upgrade to a top shelf bar, hire a dream photographer, invite everyone to the rehearsal dinner, etc. Intimate weddings allow the couple to spend more quality time with the guests, and maybe even include more of the guests in the wedding proceedings.

Small Intimate Wedding Ideas

If you are in the process of planning your wedding and have opted for a smaller wedding, here are a few of our most helpful intimate wedding tips:

1. Still, Hire a Wedding Planner

Regardless of the wedding size, a wedding planner is immensely helpful. Especially if both of you work full time and have busy schedules, having a wedding planner to lead the way, guide, and advise you will be a time and stress saver.

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2. Keep a Close Eye on The Details

small intimate wedding ideasFewer guests doesn’t mean less attention is being paid! In fact, it usually means the opposite – guests will notice the details more. This isn’t to make you nervous or worried – simply aware! A small wedding usually means a smaller venue, which means less to decorate. So take the time and cost saved from decorating a large space and put it into making the smaller space look spectacular!

3. Increase Participation

If you so desire, you can include more guests than usual in your ceremony and/or reception. For example, you could have each member of the bridal party read a line from a poem. Or, you could have your friends and family encircle you as you exchange vows. There are so many ways to include more of your loved ones on your special day when it’s a small, intimate group.

4. More Money For Personal Touches

All weddings include personal touches, to be sure. Yet, when a couple is expecting around fifty guests, the ability to add more heartfelt personal touches becomes much easier and more fun! It’s common for intimate weddings to include a thoughtful favor for each guest that goes above and beyond a packet of seeds. For example, a couple who got engaged in Italy might gift everyone a bottle of olive oil from Italy with a customized label marking the occasion.

5. Menu Planning Customization

small intimate wedding ideas foodForget about the standard package menu, intimate weddings afford the opportunity for menu upgrades. Trade in steak and potatoes for surf & turf. Rather than a plated dessert, intimate wedding couples may opt for Butler passed tray of miniature sweets. With less than 100 guests, many couples splurge for their favorite fine wine, instead of a more affordable label.

6. Be Prepared For Feedback

Keep in mind that when you announce to your friends and family that the two of you are opting for a small wedding, you may hear a few dissenting opinions or comments. This is OK, you are loved, and your loved ones want you to hear their ideas. Stay resolute in your wedding wishes, and kindly reinforce, to any who comment negatively, that this is your wedding and they can best support you by supporting your choices!

7. Take Venue Shopping to The Next Level!

small intimate wedding ideasSmaller weddings open up the venue possibilities tenfold! This is one of the most exciting parts of having an intimate wedding. Since you are much less limited space-wise, have fun thinking of creative places you might be able to have your wedding ceremony and/or reception. You may also have the option to have a destination wedding. Are you a city girl dreaming of charming countryside setting? Make it happen!

8. Transportation Fun

Depending on how small your intimate wedding is, you may be able to create a transportation experience! Consider renting limousines for everyone, or hiring horse carriages to take everyone from the ceremony to the reception (as long as it’s close by).

9. Music Options

The traditional DJ and big dance floor might not be appealing with a smaller group. Instead, you might choose from a small live band, string quartet, violinist, harpist, or any other unique musical performer you’d like!

10. Plan For More People in The Photos

If you so desire, you can plan for more time for photos and include all of your guests! How special will it be to have professional photos including all of the guests? Very special! This is truly only possible at a small wedding.

When it’s all said and done, the beauty of an intimate wedding is just that – the intimacy. As you exchange your vows with your forever partner, it will feel so profound to be surrounded by those that are your forever people. The people you know you can count on to support the two of you for decades to come.

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