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4 Millennial Trends in Corporate Meetings You Should Be Implementing

corporate meeting trends - millennial

They’re young, tech savvy, and always on the lookout for the next trend. Without a doubt, Millennials are taking over the workforce by the day. Ok, not quite, but the truth of the matter is that Millennials now make up one-third of our nation’s adult population. That’s quite a lot of tech-focused 18-33-year-olds!

These are more than just facts being thrown around; this is crucial information to help guide the corporate meeting industry. From this point in time forward, millennials are a huge part of corporate America, and any corporate meeting or event will find greater success if millennial friendly trends are implemented.

Corporate Meeting Trends – Millennials

From the time they were born until now, millennials have been surrounded by tech, tech advances, social media, the boom of online businesses, and more. Being comfortable and savvy with tech wasn’t so much a choice for this generation, but a necessity. As a result, their expectations, socializing needs, and ideas about the world and society are different. The more we get to know the millennial generation, the greater we can serve their needs in a corporate meeting setting! We’ve compiled a handful of strategies and trends we recommend implementing into your next corporate meeting event to capture and hold the attendee’s attention.

1. No Matter What, Seamless Connectivity is a Must

corporate meeting trendsReal life-life and social media life are both paramount to a millennial. On the off chance that your meeting event itself doesn’t require Wifi, there should be a strong and complimentary wifi connection regardless. There are many reasons this generation wants and needs to be dialed in at all times, some of those reasons include:

  • Work life balance – Many millennials are much better at this than previous generations.
  • Social Media – Posting about the meeting on Instagram, giving a tour on Instagram Story, sending out Snaps, answering emails immediately.
  • App Usage – Millennials have, and use, apps for everything. Taking notes, taking pictures of business cards, tracking what they eat, etc.

2. Food Choices and Consciousness

With more and more data coming out every day about the challenges our food industry is facing, Millennials are trending away from the eating habits of previous generations. With this group, healthy snacks and meals are important. Organic, locally sourced, farm-to-table, vegan and gluten-free options, these are all cuisine facets you must take into consideration!

Also, it’s important to note that plated, multi-course meals are not hugely popular with millennials either. Studies show this group enjoys plenty of choices and the ability to nosh on and off throughout the day.

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3. Eating Times Are Social Times!

corporate meeting trendsLike every generation, Millennials get plenty of labels pasted onto them. One such label is that they lack the desire to network face-to-face. This label is inaccurate, studies show that millennials value time to connect with their fellow business professionals face-to-face, preferably with food. This means that a socializing friendly atmosphere should be created ahead of time. Make the eating areas have lounge-like qualities to encourage comfortable conversation.

4. Think Outside the Box, Break All The Rules

Last, but not least, we will leave you with this crucial tip – anything can, and should, go. Millennials enjoy a break in tradition. They are not creatures of habit; they are more comfortable being surprised and placed in new situations. Again, let’s remember this is a generation used to companies “disrupting” the norm. These are the people who first used Uber, FaceTime, Netflix and much more. Anything and everything you can do to make your meeting event engaging, different, unusual, unique, or creative will work wonders to hold the attention and engage the intellect of millennials.

This is every corporate company’s chance to stay ahead of the curve. We can look back on the young years of any generation and see that those who enthusiastically embraced change survived and thrived. Embrace the millennial generation, learn with and from them and without a doubt, success will ensue!

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