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Surprise, Amaze, and Wow Your Corporate Event Attendees With Some of These Epic Corporate Event Trends

corporate event trends

Conferences, team-building, goal-setting, board meetings, the reasons for a corporation to hold an event are many. With an abundance of corporate events year after year, trends always begin to emerge and shift. The past few years have brought a great many changes in corporate events, many due to the constant, incredible technology advances.

8 Corporate Event Trends That Are Taking The Industry By Storm

Now that we’re more than halfway through 2017, it’s time to take note of the new trends that are emerging, many of which will carry on through 2018! If you’ve been tasked with planning a corporate event and are in need of some fresh ideas, here are a few of our favorite event trends:

Anything Unexpected

corporate event trendsThis may not sound specific because it isn’t. One of the most common, and exciting, trends is the pure innovation shown by event planners. With new apps, gadgets, social media channels, and technology advances, the options are literally limitless. Never before have so many tools been available to manipulate and transform to engage an audience in new ways. The takeaway here is to dream up anything, and then see how it might be implemented! Surprise everyone! Think things that inspire memes, images or videos that go viral, something that makes even the most phone-obsessed attendee lookup in total amazement!

Device Usage

Save the planet, time, and headaches. Now that over 70% of Americans use a smartphone or tablet, it’s simpler and more streamlined than ever before to communicate with the attendees. Send meeting materials, create social invitations, invite attendees to chat with one another about the event happenings, etc.

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Creative Cocktails

If you’re planning the kind of event with an open bar, consider working with a mixologist to create a customized cocktail! This trend is a lot of fun and is a great way to engage with attendees.

Desserts With a Message

corporate event trendsGetting creative with the cuisine is also trendy, and few foods make as big of a splash as a branded dessert! Work with the venue or catering company to see what unique (and delicious) branded desserts might be feasible. Depending on the budget, a lot can be done here. We’ve seen everything from a giant chocolate mosaic to macaroons with an acronym on each one.

Food That Fuels!

Corporate events are finally moving swiftly away from carb-loaded, meat heavy, sugar-filled foods and have been trending towards healthier options. Event planners arrange everything from farm-to-table meals to multi-option meals with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

What’s Old is Always New, Again

We can thank those free-spirited millennials once again for breaking the norm! As far as design and details go, there’s been a huge shift towards vintage, industrial, bohemian, the roaring twenties and more. What older generations deem as old, younger generations deem as hip! In our very photo-focused world, having engaging design elements will not only capture the attention of your attendees but will also help brand and market your company. Just imagine how many Instagram photos will pop up of your Coachella-esque tent arrangement?

Interactive, Fun, and Less Buttoned-Up

corporate event trendsHolding the attention of a large group of individuals is not an easy task, and it’s made significantly less easy with more distractions than ever before. Because of this, the most successful corporate events tend to be more interactive, lighthearted, and fun! You don’t need a stuffy plated dinner, instead, opt for a buffet filled with interactive food stations. We’re talking a build your own gluten-free pizza station and a S’mores roasting and making-station for dessert. Include more games, scavenger hunts, displays, photo-booths and more to keep the event less buttoned-up. You’ll be rewarded with an abundance of social media posts about how fun your event is! Be the corporation everyone wants to work for.

Keep The Balance With Wellness Activities

By far one of our favorite trends is the addition of wellness elements. Giving attendees a chance to unwind, de-stress, and process all that they’re taking in is crucial. Many event planners are including yoga classes, meditation areas, or cozy lounges as ways for attendees to find a bit of work-health balance in the midst of a corporate event.

As mentioned in the very first trend, anything goes these days. Whereas it was common for everyone to do the same things over and over, the corporate event world is transforming finally! Gone are the days of stuffy events with bad food, here are the days of exciting, innovative, and mindful events! Hop on the awesome corporate event train by booking your next event at Doral Arrowwood. Doral Arrowwood is a beautiful resort in Westchester Country, an hour outside of New York City. Fall in love with Doral’s serene countryside setting, abundant nature, and commitment to executing the best corporate events year-round. Send an RFP today!

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