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Traveling For Business? Relax, 7 Tips to Stay Organized and Enjoy the Ride!

Travel Tips for Business Travelers

For many of us, the word “travel” invokes images of white sand beaches, adventuring through Europe, or even spending time with family in a different part of the country. On the other hand, for the billions working in corporate America, travel often invokes images of briefcases, meetings, and working meals. In 2016, 307 billion dollars were spent on travel. That much, or more, has likely already been spent in 2017 with less than a quarter left in the year.

Travel Tips for Business Travelers

If you’re among the individuals traveling for work, we have a special treat for you today – 7 quick tips to help you make the most of your business trips. Whether it’s ideas to help you save time, ways to incorporate a little fun, or how to keep up with your fitness routine, we’ve got you covered!

1. Save Time to Prevent Stress

Travel Tips for Business Travelers

Just because you’re on a business trip, does not necessarily mean you have to be stressed! Saving time to ensure you have some cushion or downtime, will do wonders for your mental health. Save time by pre-booking your plane seats, choosing priority seating to board first, become an executive lounge member of a certain airline for access to high-speed wifi and refreshments. Also, check out directions and routes ahead of time, pre-book an airport pick-up to your hotel, and, if driving, be sure to have access to GPS on your phone or in the car.

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2. Choose The Hotel Wisely

If you get to choose your hotel, spend a little extra time researching the perfect fit. Many hotels are business-oriented and will be equipped with everything that you will need. Some ideas of what to look for include: convenient location, reliable high-speed wi-fi, in-room desk, fitness center, pool, 24-hour business center, flexible meeting rooms and onsite restaurants.

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3. Pack as if Your Luggage Will Always be Lost

Traveling with just a carry-on is always an excellent idea, but in the instances when you need to check a bag, be sure to have the essentials packed in a handbag or carry on just in case. For example, pack a business outfit, sleep outfit, laptop, essential documents, and any medications in the bag you will take onto the plane. That way, if your luggage is lost, you won’t be in a pickle. Please note – flying with only a carry-on will also save you time!

fall golf getaway4. Pre-Configure Your Workout Schedule

If you’ve done your hotel research, you’ll already know what the hotel’s fitness center capabilities are. You might also consider checking out the surrounding nature – are there running trails? Hiking? Scenic urban walks? You can determine how you want to work out and when you’ll be able to, ahead of time. That way you can hit the ground running, literally or figuratively, upon arrival.

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5. Schedule in Time to Unwind

All work and no play can cause physical tension and mental stress. To perform your best, it’s important to take a few moments, each day, to unwind. If you know what your schedule will be, you can see where this fits in. If you don’t know your exact schedule, then at least take note of how or where you might unwind. Does your hotel have a trendy looking restaurant or bar? Are you a jacuzzi and sauna kind of person or a tennis and golf fanatic? Have some ideas ready to go!

6. Take Public Transportation

Travel Tips for Business TravelersOne of the best ways to get to know a place and see/interact with its everyday people, is on public transportation. Take the local metro, ride the bus, whatever the modalities are, try out one of them if/when you have time!

7. Sprinkle in a Little Culture, If Possible

Take advantage of being sent somewhere new! If time allows, head to a museum, art gallery, go on a hike, taste the local craft beer, whatever floats your boat. There’s always something new to discover when traveling, and you’ve been given a chance to do so!

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Making the most of business travel requires a little pre-planning and an open mind, but with those two things, your next business trip might just be the best one yet! If you’re in the market for a hotel in Westchester County, New York, Doral Arrowwood Resort is the premier business travelers choice! Located near the Westchester Airport, high-end shopping and dining, and just 40 minutes from Midtown Manhattan on the Metro North. Doral Arrowwood’s 114 scenic acres, Robert Von Hagge designed golf course, driving range and full fitness center with tennis and racquetball will enhance your next trip and leave you feeling accomplished and refreshed!

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