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Simple, Delicious, and Creative Food and Beverage Trends For Your Next Corporate Event

food and beverage trends

There are so many details that go into setting the tone, ambiance, and flavor of an event. Food is fuel for our bodies and brains and is crucial to all that we do. As such, it’s no surprise that food and beverage considerations are taken seriously for large events. Weddings and celebratory events come to mind most often, but within the corporate world, cuisine plays an integral role!

Imagine putting in the time and effort to execute a corporate meeting event just to have the attendees eat a heavy lunch and lose all brain power for a few hours! That won’t do. Or, in another instance, have the attendees dislike the food and have no interest in attending the next meeting event! As you can see, the cuisine at an important corporate gathering is essential to its success.

Food and Beverage Trends to Watch for in 2018

As we gear up for 2018, now is a great time to discuss a few industry food and beverage trends. Trends that will fuel the minds of your attendees and keep them inspired and ready for more!

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Think Bold, Global-Inspired Flavors

food and beverage trends

Diners are becoming more adventurous than ever before with technology bringing cultures closer together and travel being more accessible. Work with your catering chef to design dishes with bold, global flavors. Think sriracha, Thai and Indian spices, ramen, and more.

Diverse Fruit Offerings

Whether you’re having a breakfast spread or a health-minded snack station, plan to offer a diverse range of fruits. Instead of the predictable banana and apple bowl, switch it up and have dragon fruit, pomegranate seeds, star fruit, or Asian pear.

Keep The Snack Station Healthy

Few things kill brain speed quicker than sugar and carbs. Not only are your team members now more health-oriented than in years past, but studies clearly show the difference healthy foods make on brain power! Keep your attendees fueled well with hummus and veggies, fruits, nuts, and even smoothies.

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Less Processed Food

food and beverage trends

The closer the food is to being alive, on a tree, or in the ground growing, the better! There’s a nationwide movement to eat less processed foods, more plant-based foods, and to consume food in as natural a state as possible. Not only will this fuel your attendees better, but it will make your organization appear conscious, forward-thinking, and committed to sustainability.

Think Local

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but the trend remains steadfast – use local goods. Locally grown goods are crowd-pleasing, delicious, and more sustainable! Chat with your catering company and venue point-of-contact to arrange for more locally sourced ingredients.

Creative Cocktails and Drink Offerings

For the social hour aspect of your meeting event, get creative with the drink menu! Trendy cocktails are always a hit, and there are so many fun ways to take mixology to the next level. Keeping in with the local and healthy trends, feature drinks with fresh berries, herbs, and vegetables. Consider offering kombucha as well to appease those less interested in heavy alcohol.

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Cuisine is always a big deal; it’s a chance for people to share in excitement and appreciate together. It’s a chance to nourish the body and mind. Cuisine is a chance for your attendees to connect with one another. What you serve at your meeting event matters, and taking extra time to strategize this component of your event will pay off!

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