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Traveling For Business? Relax, 7 Tips to Stay Organized and Enjoy the Ride!

For many of us, the word “travel” invokes images of white sand beaches, adventuring through Europe, or even spending time with family in a different part of the country. On the other hand, for the billions working in corporate America, travel often invokes images of briefcases, meetings, and working meals. In 2016, 307 billion dollars were spent on travel. That much, or more, has likely already been spent in 2017 with less than a quarter left in the year.

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Surprise, Amaze, and Wow Your Corporate Event Attendees With Some of These Epic Corporate Event Trends

Conferences, team-building, goal-setting, board meetings, the reasons for a corporation to hold an event are many. With an abundance of corporate events year after year, trends always begin to emerge and shift. The past few years have brought a great many changes in corporate events, many due to the constant, incredible technology advances.

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4 Millennial Trends in Corporate Meetings You Should Be Implementing

They’re young, tech savvy, and always on the lookout for the next trend. Without a doubt, Millennials are taking over the workforce by the day. Ok, not quite, but the truth of the matter is that Millennials now make up one-third of our nation’s adult population. That’s quite a lot of tech-focused 18-33-year-olds!

These are more than just facts being thrown around; this is crucial information to help guide the corporate meeting industry. From this point in time forward, millennials are a huge part of corporate America, and any corporate meeting or event will find greater success if millennial friendly trends are implemented.

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Six Reasons Your Meeting Will Rock at Doral Arrowwood This Summer

Once we transition out of our school days, there is no more assumed summer break. We don’t get three months off to frolic in the fields or have our first kisses at summer camp. Instead, most of us are at work Monday – Friday all summer long. Which is exactly why you should give your team something to look forward to! With summer comes an air of excitement, adventure, and possibility. There’s no better season than summer to have an offsite meeting event or conference to get your team pumped up, connected, and ready to rock!

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Traveling For Work? 5 Considerations to Make When Choosing Accommodations

Travel – a word that represents fun, new experiences, excitement, relaxing and much, much more. Yet, add another word in front of travel and it takes on a whole new meaning – business travel.

Traveling for business isn’t always quite as, shall we say, relaxing as leisure travel, but it’s an important type of travel nonetheless.

Making the most of your business travel trip can be challenging at times, as you’ve likely experienced. Not every destination or hotel is optimized to support both leisure and business travelers, and that can take a toll on the business travelers!