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Changing The Game – Millennial Engagement Trends That Both Surprise and Delight

millennial engagement trends

Take everything you’ve ever known about engagements and proposing, and throw it out the window. There, now we have a blank slate to work with when discussing millennial engagement trends. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit extreme, but it’s important to know that when it comes to millennials, trends are changing rapidly! Millennials are a generation of new. This is a group of young, intelligent, and tech-minded individuals, and all trends related to their engagements reflect those qualities and more.

December, New Year’s Eve and the beginning of the new year are all times when proposals and engagements happen more frequently than any other time of the year, making now the perfect time to discuss the changing and emerging trends of millennial engagements. Here are some trends we can expect to see at the end of 2016 and throughout 2017.

Millennial Engagement Trends

Who Asks Who?

millennial engagement trendsAs it happens, many millennials are more egalitarian-minded than their parents. As such, it’s not uncommon for the woman to ask the man. What’s even more common, though, is for the couple to decide together that they intend to marry.

The “Proposal”

As we mentioned above, many millennials are deciding together they want to marry, meaning there isn’t always a surprise proposal or a proposal at all. Instead, it’s becoming a trend to celebrate an engagement day. The couple plans the engagement moment together. This might consist of each partner planning surprises and giving gifts to the other. It could consist of throwing a party together with close friends and family in celebration.

Of course, the classic theme of the man surprising the woman, or vice versa, with a proposal, is still very much alive and thriving. Plenty of millennials are choosing this route, with even more gusto than their predecessors. The unique, thoughtful, and at times, extravagant, ways millennials are proposing are beautiful to watch. Which everyone usually can, thanks to social media and the powerful millennial presence on it.

Put a Ring on it?

millennial engagement trends - eco friendly ringsYes. Engagement rings are widely popular amongst millennials. For the couples who have a proposal, proposing on one knee, with a ring, is still the order of the day. Even couples who decide, together, to marry, have an engagement ring in the mix, still, usually, just the female half of the duo with an engagement ring.

The newer trends here are regarding the types of rings, and where the rings are sourced from. Millennials are much more focused on ensuring the engagement ring comes from an eco-friendly source. Meaning a diamond ring that has suffered no political or humanitarian injustices. It’s also becoming trendy to not have a diamond ring at all. Millennials are widely known for their love of travel, and love of experiences instead of “things.” It’s becoming trendy to do without a pricey diamond ring, and opt for a simple band instead, using saved money for more experiences and travel as a couple.

For the millennials still focused on diamond engagement rings, the current trends include:

  • Rose gold for the band
  • Colorful diamonds rather than classic
  • Colorful gems as the centerpiece, surrounded by classic diamonds
  • Floral shapes
  • Square bands
  • Vintage Designs

Announcement Details

millennial engagement trends - ring selfieAs far as announcing the exciting and happy news, social media plays a huge role in the emerging millennial trends. Enter the Engagement Ring Selfie. Yes, taking a selfie with the new engagement ring is extremely popular! So popular, in fact, that getting a particular manicure to complement the engagement ring is now a trend. Just search “engagement ring manicure” on Pinterest, and you’ll find all sorts of ideas and inspiration.

Millennials are also known for being very family-oriented, and there’s been a rise in the engagement party trend. It’s not also not uncommon for the proposing millennial to include the couple’s friends and family in the surprise proposal or engagement party process.

Media Trends

Gone are the days of magazines and window shopping, millennials are all about utilizing Pinterest for all wedding research and inspiration needs. A little bit of research on Pinterest can help a couple find wedding venues, wedding dresses, decor and more! Additionally, there are hundreds of specialized apps to help the happy couple plan and stay on schedule for the big day. One such popular app at the moment is Appy Couple.

With December moving along, and 2017 just around the corner, it’s an exciting time to become engaged, and to well-wish those who are becoming engaged! We wish the best to all engaged couples, millennials or otherwise, and hope you’ll consider Doral Arrowwood as a venue for your impending nuptials. Doral Arrowwood is ideal for the millennial couple, offering a range of settings, prices, and wedding styles.

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