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Don’t Stress! Planning Your Perfect Wedding Is Easier Than You Think With These Six Steps

plan your perfect wedding

You took the plunge – congratulations! He got down on one knee, asked you for forever, and now it’s time to start planning the big day! Hooray! Right?

Right, but if you’re feeling a teensy bit lost as to where to begin, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to wish for a fairy godmother to fly down, wave a magic wand, and bam – engagement plan set and ready to go.

But really, who needs a fairy godmother when you have us?! And the entire internet… and wedding planners! There are so many resources for couples to be, all you need to do is choose which one(s) work best for you.

Planning your perfect wedding doesn’t need to be overwhelming, you can take it in stages, and utilize plenty of assistance along the way. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a quick guide – let’s call it a wedding planning organizational outline.

Plan Your Perfect Wedding – Six Steps To Getting Started

Step One – Announce Your Engagement!

plan your perfect weddingGirl show off that ring! Ok, but first tell your parents! After you’ve told your closest family and friends in person, or over the phone, you can brainstorm how you want to announce it to the world.

Traditional Route – Print is not quite dead yet, and if you so desire you can have your parents place an engagement announcement in the local newspaper! This also makes a unique memento you can later show your future children.

Social Media – This day in age, if it hasn’t been posted about, did it really happen? Just kidding, but if you do desire to post/announce on social media, there are millions of creative ways to do just that, brainstorm some awesome ideas right here.

Step Two –  Engagement party or not

Having a big shebang to celebrate the impending union used to be a given. These days it’s totally optional. If you for sure want some sort of celebration, we suggest choosing either:

– A small get together
– Throwing a big party

Remember – everyone who is invited to the engagement party should be invited to the wedding #weddingetiquette . If you’re opting for a small get together, typically the invitees would include immediate family, bridal party, and close friends.

Celebrate Your Big Day at Doral Arrowwood

Step Three – Get Real With the Money Talk

plan your perfect wedding budgetProbably everyone’s least favorite aspect of wedding planning. Money can be an uncomfortable subject, but take a deep breath and come up with a game plan!

With Each Other – talk it over as a couple, try and determine an estimate of how much the wedding will cost. Figure out how much you’re willing or able to contribute. If you already know where your parents stand on the subject the conversation may end here.

With the Parents – Rule of thumb is to approach each family separately to ensure comfort and ease of speech. This is where you need to get specifics – is there a certain amount they’d like to contribute? Or would they prefer to cover specific costs, i.e. the rehearsal dinner, or the catering at the reception?

Tip – Be discreet when it comes to sharing details from one set of parents to the next. It often happens that one set can contribute more, no need to make them feel poorly by telling them how much the other set is contributing.

Step Four – Choose a Planning Path

This is a huge decision, go the planning route solo, or hire a wedding planner. By solo, we don’t mean just you – it’s going to be you, your family, your significant other, bridesmaids, or whomever you wish to help. Having a planner can certainly make life easier, and if you’re stuck on the fence with indecision consider these factors:

Budget – Planners are worth the cost, but it is a cost. How much of a chunk out of the budget will the planner be, and is that worth it to you?
– Time – Do you have the time to plan a wedding? Do both of you work full-time? If it’s going to be a real challenge to fit in time for planning, a planner might be the best choice.
Availability of Family Members – For some couples, the parents are ready and willing to do the heavy (planning) lifting. Consider which family and friends might be up for the task of helping you big time.

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Step Five – Fitting in The Family

Above all else, you want to make everyone feel welcome and heard, while setting boundaries to ensure the wedding is true to you and your sweetheart’s desire.

  1. Discuss as many details, wants, needs, desires with your fiance and get on the same page.
  2. Turn on those listening ears, as your family is likely to have a lot to say.
  3. Being assigning tasks. Once you’ve compiled all the data of what you two want and your family’s input, you can begin assigning tasks and getting started on the planning – either solo or with your planner!

For the solo route – we recommend using this guide to stay on track!

Step Six – Choosing the Perfect Venue

Selecting a wedding venue is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make as an engaged couple, as the details of your venue will very well trickle into every aspect of your wedding. Venue options run the gamut from off-premise catering to full service. A full-service venue, such as what Doral Arrowwood offers, provides not only the location but the services to help your event run smoothly. Choosing an all-inclusive venue can actually allow you to save time, money and stress of planning, as all the details can be managed in one place. Plus, many venues bring the added bonus of relationships with preferred vendors to make sure your event will run as smoothly as possible.

When you reach the part of your planning where you get to start selecting a venue (yay, exciting!), we hope you’ll reach one of our seasoned wedding professionals and/or request  tour our gorgeous venue options!

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