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10 Simple and Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

creative wedding ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to get the planning party started!

When it comes to personalizing your wedding, we recommend planning ahead! With a little extra planning time, you can ensure your big day is as personal as your love story!

The two of you fell in love with each other for reasons as unique and beautiful as yourselves, and your wedding should be a lovely reflection of all that makes your love and union unique – and it can be! Easily, in fact!

To overhear guests saying “that was so them,” or “this wedding feels just like them” is an amazing feeling on the big day. Intertwining the details that make up your love story within the decor, ambiance, cuisine, and wedding events in general, is a huge part of what will make your wedding so special.

Every single guest attending your wedding is there to witness the beginning of this next chapter of your lives. To be able to also learn more about your love story and what makes the two of you unique will simply add to the overall experience!

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Keep it Personal All The Way! 10 Creative Wedding Ideas

If you’ll be saying “I do” pretty soon, then it may be time to start brainstorming all of the creative and fun ways you can personalize your wedding! Here are some of our favorite methods and ideas:

1. Share in The Sweetness

creative wedding ideas - dessertDo either of you give the other a special dessert on Valentine’s Day or birthdays? If so, consider adding that special dessert to the dessert table! Perhaps chocolate covered strawberries, or maybe you both enjoy a “taste” of everything? No doubt your out-of-the-box sweets will be a wedding crowd pleaser!

2. Decorate the Aisle

Instead of the traditional aisle decor, you could instead add in elements of your childhood’s or your love story. For example, did you grow up on or near a lavender farm? Line the aisles with fresh lavender! Do the two of you love to go sailing? Hang decorative anchors on the ends of each aisle!

3. Serve Wine From the Year You Met

Everyone can sip and savor the year that brought the two of you together if you serve wines from the year you met! If that was more than five year prior… well, let’s just say you’ll have some pricey but delicious wine offerings.

4. Embrace Where You Met

creative wedding ideas - lanternsDid you meet abroad? Use a signature item from the country you met for centerpieces. For example, say you met on a Sahara camping trip in Morocco, you could order beautiful Moroccan lanterns to adorn the tables, each with a little candle inside. Even if you didn’t meet abroad, you can still apply this same concept!

5. Personalize Your Photo Booth Background

Some couples rent a photo booth, but we think it can be fun to, instead, design a photo background to make it more personal. Do the two of you love to travel the world? Create a giant world map as a photo booth background. Huge sports fans? Incorporate your favorite team logo into the background.

6. Use a Unique Cake Topper

Are you marrying a red-head? Do you both wear glasses? There are many fun, creative, and even goofy ways you can personalize your cake topper!

7. Share Your Love Story

Of course your closest friends and family will likely already know how you met, how long you’ve been together, how the proposal went, etc., but not all of the guests will know! Write out your love story on beautiful cards and place them on the tables for all to enjoy reading.

8. Use Your Friends!

Do you have a friend or relative who’s an officiant? Ask them to officiate your wedding! Is your sister a beautiful violin player? Is your best man a talented tenor? It’s likely you’ve got more than a few talented people you’re inviting, see if any of them would be willing to participate however you see fit!

9. Incorporate Hints of Your Hobbies in The Decor

creative wedding ideas - decorAre either of you writers? You could add in aesthetically charming pens or pencils to the floral arrangements or strewn about the tables with your names on them. Are either of you avid gardeners or beach lovers? You could use cute watering cans to hold flowers, or use simply strewn starfish as part of the decor on the tables or elsewhere.

10. Get Personal on The Dance Floor

How serious are you about personalizing your wedding? Because if you’re serious, a super fun way is to personalize the dance floor! How? Whether it’s an image that ties into your wedding theme or a monogram, guests won’t miss it while they’re shaking some tail feathers!

One last piece of advice – don’t overthink or overstress it! No matter what your wedding day will be personal and unique because it’s a day about you two!

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