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A Month of Appreciative Actions: Ways to Thank Veterans, Teachers, and First Responders This November

honoring our veterans

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

John F. Kennedy

November is a month of illumination. Between Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, we get the entire month to dwell on one of the most important emotions – gratitude. Though we are thankful, grateful, and appreciative year-round, we are so excited to utilize November as not only a month for feeling grateful, but for taking action to show gratitude. As John F. Kennedy states in the quote above, demonstrating our appreciation is key!

Ways to Honor Our Public Servants

This November, join us as we strive to show extra appreciation, through action, to our country’s Veterans, Teachers, and First Responders. We’ve gathered some inspirational ideas on how we can all do exactly that:

For Our Veterans

honor our veteransWe live in freedom because they selflessly serve our country. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs, we can honor our Veterans by:

  • Attending a Veteran’s Day Event
  • Take a Veteran Out to Dinner
  • Volunteer to Help a Veteran’s Service Organization
  • Write or send a letter to someone currently serving
  • Ask a neighbor about their deployment
  • Visit the gravesite of a Veteran

Those are just a few of the ways we can take action to show our appreciation if you’re interested in learning about more ways, visit here. Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11.

Appreciating Our Teachers

Guiding, teaching, and caring for the youngest members of our society is a tough, and important, job! We entrust our teachers to educate the next generation of leaders, innovators, inventors, activists, and more, and it’s so lovely to take a moment to show them how we appreciate their hard work, some ideas include:

  • Write a heartfelt note
  • Send a sweet treat
  • Purchase an educational magazine subscription for the teacher or class
  • Be a guest reader (or something else relevant) in the class
  • Gift teacher supplies
  • Bring in something fresh – a succulent, fresh flowers, or a plant

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Thanking Our First Responders

honor our veterans

Heading into a disaster to immediately save, rescue, and treat the victims is a brave, scary, and dangerous job. Our first responders face these dangers whenever needed, and there’s no better time to show them how grateful we are! Show your local first responders appreciation through:

  • Bring a home cooked meal to the local police or fire station
  • Donate to one of the funding drives for the fire or police departments
  • Send a letter of thanks
  • Visit your local first responders and say thank you in person
  • Become CPR and first aid certified
  • Donate time to first responder organizations

There are so many simple ways to show appreciation to our Veterans, Teachers, and First Responders! We want to honor them every single month of the year, but why not a little extra in November, the ultimate month of thanks. Here at Doral Arrowwood, a luxury hotel in Westchester, New York, we want to do our part in thanking these individuals by providing them with a 20% discount on hotel stays and 10% off dining and golf for stays through August 31, 2018, booked in the month of November. We hope you’ll join us in showing appreciation, and for all of our Veterans, Teachers, and First Responders out there – we hope you’ll come stay! More here >>

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