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4 Solid Reasons to Take Your Company on More Corporate Outings

corporate outings

There are countless variables that determine the success, or lack thereof, of a given company. Having a needed, or desired, product or service is a crucial component, but beyond that, it’s all about the team. People are the masterminds behind organizations, and your company is directly affected by the cohesion and efforts of your team.

Get Your Gears Grinding to Plan More Corporate Outings in 2018

If there’s one thing worth every investment penny in 2018, it to support and encourage your team! One way to do just that is by planning and executing more corporate outings. Though you may already spend 40+ hours a week together, spending time outside of the office without the stressors of work does wonders to strengthen team bonds and fire up collaborative creativity. Here are a few reasons why planning corporate outings in 2018 will be beneficial for your company:

corporate outings

1. Studies Show, The Brain Needs Time to Relax

Feeling stressed can be debilitating on the mind, body, and spirit over time. Thankfully, there’s enough research circling around and bringing an increased awareness to the importance of relaxation and eliciting the body’s natural relaxation response. It may not seem as though a company should be responsible for its team members relaxation, but hear us out. Working for a company that not only encourages relaxation but promotes it will earn major loyalty points. Your team will rest easier at night knowing their workplace cares about their mental health.

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Also, consider the effect relaxing together will have on the team. Giving everyone a chance to spend quality time together outside of work will foster new bonds, generate trust, and create a safe space for creativity and collaboration. Consider hosting one event a quarter based on the idea of relaxation. Perhaps it’s hosting an off-site spa day, playing a round of golf, heading to brewery together, or even taking a weekend getaway someplace.

2. People Like to Feel Part of a Community

People are relatively simple beings. We all just want to connect with one another and feel part of a community. Providing a forum, outside of the office, for your organization to come together as a community will enhance the quality of work life. Even when times are tough, and the job gets stressful, your team will show up 100% to support one another at the office because they’re helping their community. Create a solid work community and reap the rewards.

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3. Everyone Wants to Work For The Fun Company

One way to outshine your competition is to have the top talent working for your company. How do you attract the top talent? By having a reputation as an excellent company to work for. How do you become excellent? By going above and beyond to create a fun, engaging, and supportive work environment.

Hosting the team at a few corporate outings a year will give everyone events to look forward to, chat together about, and brag about to friends and family outside of work. A ripple effect will be created resulting in a positive reputation for your company. Expect top talent to chase after you for a change!

corporate outing

4. Casual Conversations Over Drinks Turn Into Brilliant Ideas

By hosting the team outside of the office somewhere fun and interesting, you will inevitably create a forum for creation. As co-workers casually sip cocktails or throw back a few beers at the bar, there’s a good chance they’ll conjure up some of their best ideas yet. You can watch as corporate outing seedlings grow into entire gardens!

There are infinite reasons why more corporate outings will result in an abundance of positivity and monetary results for your company. We find the above-listed reasons are the strongest and furthest reaching. All of the top companies in the U.S. excel at consistently hosting corporate outings, and doubtless, their success is due, in part, to that!

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