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Take it Outside, Why Your Next Meeting Should be in a Forest or on a Golf Course

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How many different types of business meetings do you find yourself in, in a given week? Month? We’re willing to guess you participate in large boardroom-type meetings, conference calls, intimate two-person meetings, and more. The pace of business is quick, and the need to connect, collaborate, and discuss is great.

Are you ever able to take any of those meetings outdoors? Studies show the profound importance nature has on our emotional and mental well-being. Now that warm weather is on its way, what better time to consider the many ways to take meetings outdoors. Nature is proven to bring us mental clarity and emotional ease, two states of well-being that undoubtedly amplify performance at work. With a clear mind and a happy heart, there’s no limit to what a person can achieve in a meeting: enhanced communication, more creativity, and encouragement of others come to mind.

Outdoor Meetings – Four Ideas to Inspire

The great news is that there are a variety of ways to take meetings outside, and here are a few of our favorite ones:

The Classic Choice – The Golf Course

fun team building ideas

Spending time outside while meeting with someone is by no means a new concept, golf courses have been used as meeting rooms for years! A golf course is especially useful for one-on-one meetings. Lately, though, we’ve seen companies use golf courses in new and creative ways. Teams who need to work together on a specific project might book a tee time to work out any creative blocks. We also suggest exploring the idea of using the golf course as a team building forum, to give your team practice in problem-solving and assisting each other!

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Co-Create While Sweating – Tennis

Golf offers a meeting forum that can be calm and relaxing; a tennis court provides an entirely different experience. Do you and your co-worker perform best while competing? Perhaps a tennis match might fan your flames. Looking for a way to get your team out of their comfort zones? Take them away to the tennis court and get them a series of group lessons.

Watching your team learn new skills and observing how they interact with one another is valuable information that will help you learn how to guide them into a collaborative force!

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Eastern-Inspired – Forest Bathing

outdoor meetings - forest bathing

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that translates to “forest bathing,” and it was developed in the 1980s. The Japanese believe that spending quality time walking, slowly, through a forest, using all of one’s senses, is deeply healing. So, for your next meeting, why not exchange ideas while walking through a forest? Or if not a forest, a curated nature path somewhere. Once again, this can be done in a variety of ways. Opt for a (slow) walking meeting one-on-one, or hire your local Forest Therapy Guide to take your entire team out for a deeply relaxing forest “bath!”

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Team Retreat

Another excellent way to ensure your team gets a healthy dose of nature and meeting time is to take them on a team retreat or getaway. No need to leave modern conveniences behind, you can book your team a few night’s stay at a hotel or resort with plenty of walking paths, a golf course, tennis course, pool, or whatever else you think you’ll need. Then you can begin to curate an itinerary full of nature-focused team building or team meeting experiences. This can be as simple as only going a few hours away! Nature is abundant; it’s usually not too hard to find!

Impress a prospective client, lock down a big deal, work on a project, inspire an entire team, there’s no limit to the types of meetings you can outdoors. Get creative, have fun, and most importantly, allow the great outdoors to work its magic. Doral Arrowwood is a venue that offers golf, tennis, nearby forests, and an ideal retreat setting. You can learn more or a book your stay here!

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