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Fresh, Clean, and Bold! Meet The Wedding Trends of 2018

2018 wedding trends

Similar to a marriage, each year the wedding industry grows and evolves. No two years, or even two seasons, feature quite the same trends. Different colors are popular, new design elements take hold, and the traditional menu offerings shift. Now that 2018 is in full swing, it’s clear what some of the new trends are, and we want to make sure you’re in the know!

2018 Wedding Trends

To ensure we are completely up-to-date, we’ve spoken with wedding expert Caroline Hay, who heads up the department of catering and event planning at Doral Arrowwood, a luxury resort in Westchester, New York. Caroline has generously shared her favorite wedding trends of 2018 she’s been seeing and implementing. We know you’re going to find at least one you can’t get married without!

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Wedding Colors of 2018

If you enjoy being in the thick of a trend, a simple way is through color. This year’s wedding color is Ultra Violet. Additionally, apricot and butter yellow, and burgundy and plum have been making strong debuts. Wedding florals and turning moody and colorful. Think dramatic, bold, the embodiment of European royalty of centuries past.

2018 wedding trends

All The Greenery

As urban environments become more populated, people are craving greenery, in general, and especially in weddings. There’s no limit to the way mother nature can be blended into one’s nuptials. A creative favorite is featuring a moss wall, which can serve as decor only, or be given a purpose such as a hanging place for place cards. Adorable succulents are showing up on tables and as wedding favors. Potted plants have been making a noticeable appearance along the aisles of a reception at both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Wedding receptions are seeing a more frequent occurrence of a “living bar,” which is the traditional bar with a greenery element to it. For example, the entire frontal face of a bar could be comprised of plants or moss.

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With such precise machinery and technology, it’s no surprise that crisp, clean, and geometric-focused textiles and decor are becoming wildly popular. Textured linens are adorning tables, and centerpieces are sharp, shapely, with flowers, succulents, or other live elements.

Unique Venue Settings

Last year saw a great many weddings set outside, and this year the trend continues but with a slight variance. Many couples are opting to have their reception on a concrete patio, in a garden setting, or within a transparent or opaque structure, such as a greenhouse.

2018 wedding trends

Emphasis on Local Artisans

We are living in a time of awareness for sourcing “locally,” which is expanding outside of food. Local artisans to create beautiful menus, creative place cards, invitations, etc. Where food and beverages are concerned, there’s a trend toward featuring local craft breweries and distilleries, as well as nearby farms.

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Texture, Even on The Dance Floor

Texture is becoming such an important element to weddings; it even appears on the dance floors. For the first time in decades, marble dance floors are popping up in weddings across the country!

Party People

It’s 2018 and the desire to keep the party going on, and on, and on is stronger than ever. Once the crowd starts to thin and the hour’s wane, a certain group automatically forms continuing the celebration. It used to be the party would continue in people’s hotel rooms or wherever else, but now the trend is to plan for the after party. Brides are picking out an after party outfit; couples are reserving the reception space for longer and arranging to have late night bites. Some couples are even moving the after party to a brand new location!

Thank you, Caroline, for lending us your wedding trends insight!

When there’s a wedding, there’s a way. Or rather, when there’s a wedding, there’s the possibility to incorporate new trends, or be the creators of new trends! Perhaps you can’t wait to shake some tail feathers on a beautiful marble dance floor, or you are ecstatic to design a food and drink menu based on your favorite local offerings. Let your soul run free while planning your wedding, and it will turn out more beautiful than imagination.

If you’re seeking out a dreamy venue full of possibility with a team of experts to assist and guide when needed, consider booking your wedding at Doral Arrowwood. Rolling New York countryside, indoor and outdoor venue options, and plenty of room for the guests to stay and for your wedding party to keep on partying!

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