How Millennials Are Shifting The Golf World

millennial golf

Time is a rare commodity it seems, these days, as the pace of daily life continues to increase. Though many people assume golf to be one of the most time-consuming activities out there, things are shifting, even in the golf world. These days, millennials are setting the pace and with it comes new expectations.

Millennial Golf (Yes, It’s a Thing)

Rather than continue to emphasize the traditional 18-hole golf course, the much quicker-yet-still-wonderful 9-hole course is taking the stage. At least, among the millennial golfers that is. There are quite a few advantages millennials are finding in the 9-hole courses, and we’ve spoken with Ralph Garofano, the PGA Director of Golf at Doral Arrowwood Resort, to get his take on that and the other ways they’re shifting the golf industry.

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Ralph, in what ways are millennials shifting the golf playing experience?

“Millennials have no time to waste. The 15 million golfers that have expressed interest in golf might not be able to tackle 18 holes after work or on the weekend, so the 9 hole course is a great way to grow the game.”

“We’ve also notice that millennials love personalized customer service. Here at Doral, we enjoy making everyone feel at home. We greet our golfers with warm greetings and take the time to chat with them about their game. Out of all our generations, we find the millennials enjoy this the most. We often send notifications after the round thanking them for playing and offering a discount the next time they return, and we regularly have repeat millennial customers, as a result.”

millennial golf

Are there other ways the millennial crowd differs from other generations?

“Millennials are tech-savvy. They want it. They need it. We grab their attention with digital apps such as Golfnow, which they can use to book discounted tee times at our facility.”

Has anything shifted at Doral Arrowwood in the golf department in response to millennials?

We recently started offering a special new millennial membership, and the details are as follows:

Millennial Golf / Sports Center Memberships now available- (Ages 35 and Under)

  • Full 7-Day Golf Membership $3,300
  • Full 7-Day Golf Membership with Sports Center Usage $3,600
  • Weekday 5-Day Golf Membership $2,200
  • Weekday 5-Day Golf Memberships with Sports Center Usage $2,700 (Monday – Friday only)

millennial golf

Whether you’re low on time, or simply prefer the 9-hole course, Doral Arrowwood is an excellent golf course choice for those looking to get a quick round of golf in. Don’t worry, though, if 18 holes is still your preferred pace, Doral’s traditional course is alive and thriving. Come by for a visit and consider whether you’re an 18 or 9-hole golfer.

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