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6 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Corporate Holiday Party

corporate holiday party

Wild and crazy, inspiring, boring, loathsome; corporate holiday parties run the gamut when it comes to their levels of enjoyability. Many of us have experienced corporate holiday parties that blow the rest out of the water, while many more of us have had the opposite experience, to say the least.

If given a choice, everyone would wish to work for the company that throws an incredible holiday party filled with accolades, gifts, libations, future memories, and inside jokes! A large part of a given company’s culture often stems from the camaraderie of the office which can be strengthened and buoyed at events such as the annual holiday party.

Throw The Corporate Holiday Party of The Century, Here are 6 Tips

Being tasked with planning your company’s holiday shindig is a big deal, and usually comes with a lot of expectation. We wish to help! With the holiday season quickly approaching, the time is ripe to divulge our key tips on how to provide your hard working team with a unique holiday party.

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1. Give Back, Together

Develop an altruistic work culture and spread the joy of giving back by arranging a day of volunteering, as a team. If your organization doesn’t already have a designated non-profit it donates time and/or money to, then we suggest choosing a few and having your team vote. After selecting an organization, arrange to have your team spend a day volunteering. You could even have a more traditional holiday party in the evening after the volunteering is finished!

corporate holiday party

2. Chic Theme

If you’re considering having a themed holiday party, be cautious when choosing a theme. We’ve seen all too many corporations select a cheesy theme or a theme that is challenging to dress for. We recommend keeping it simple and classy, think roaring ‘20s, White Christmas, or Holidays Around the World, for example.

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3. Travel Culture Dinner

Does your office have team members from around the world? Does travel play a large part of your office culture? Consider theming your holiday dinner around travel, by featuring dishes from an array of cultures. Consider dishes such as pad thai, Indian curries, empanadas, etc.

4. Choose an Inspiring Venue

One of the simplest ways to please your team is to host the holiday party at an inspiring venue. You could choose a sleek urban locale, a countryside getaway, or a rooftop bar. As you consider different locations, keep in mind the venue’s ability to provide food, service, and convenience.

corporate holiday party

5. Change it Up: Healthy Libations

Ok, hear us out for a moment. Your team members will be inundated with sweet treats, hearty meals, and libations galore for weeks, even months, on end. Naturally, your holiday party should include certain libations, but why not strive to offer healthier and more natural options? Stand out among the super sugary, processed, indulgent parties and get-togethers. Make one of the drink options locally make kombucha, many of which still have plenty of alcohol in them! Choose a catering company that uses seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Depending on your company culture, a little extra healthy-thought may go a long way!

6. Make it Family-Oriented

If your office team includes parents, especially of little ones, it might be encouraging to ensure the holiday party is family-friendly. One of the sweetest ways to achieve this is by having the first hour or so of the party emphasize the magic of the season in a child-like way. Hire Santa Claus to make an early appearance, and give each of the kids a gift. Feature a play station, where kids can decorate gingerbread houses or make little gifts for their families.

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One, or more, of these tips are bound to help you get started planning with a greater awareness of what to avoid and look for. Just remember that the most important piece of a corporate holiday party is the energy and enthusiasm of your team. It’s a time for the company to celebrate one another, give thanks for another great year, and get excited for the year ahead.

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