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Simple, Delicious, and Creative Food and Beverage Trends For Your Next Corporate Event

There are so many details that go into setting the tone, ambiance, and flavor of an event. Food is fuel for our bodies and brains and is crucial to all that we do. As such, it’s no surprise that food and beverage considerations are taken seriously for large events. Weddings and celebratory events come to mind most often, but within the corporate world, cuisine plays an integral role!

Food & Beverage

For Whiskey Worth Savoring, a Trip to Westchester, New York is in Order

Traveling and authenticity don’t go hand in hand. At least, not always.  In fact, being authentic in today’s world is a challenge. To be authentic is to be bold and different. To go against the grain, that’s what we call “normal.” Many of us enjoy traveling to get out of the known and discover the unknown. To explore an unfamiliar place and be delighted with it’s unique and authentic offerings.

How do you know when you stumble upon a person, place, or thing that’s truly authentic? You’ll know.

Food & Beverage

Find the Joy, Flavors, and Health in Cooking Again With These Tips From Chef Michael

For many of us, eating isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get us wrong, eating is a wonderful experience, but within the confines of the daily grind sometimes it can become a chore to plan out what to cook, figure out how to eat (sort-of) healthy, balance eating healthy with still enjoying food and trying to cook what’s in season.

Do any of these issues resonate with you? So to help us get our food troubles sorted, we’ve interviewed our very own Chef Michael Schmutzer to get his input on all things food-related.

Meet Michael Schmutzer, Executive Chef at Doral Arrowwood, a Benchmark Hospitality International Conference Center & Hotel in Rye Brook. Chef Michael began his career in his native Austria and neighboring Switzerland where he earned his advanced Culinary Degree. Chef Michael is all about cuisine – tasteful, thoughtful, and even charitable, cuisine. Not only does he know food, but he’s also a marathon runner. To raise money for his 2014 Boston Marathon Race, he started a Fundraiser for the Food Bank for Westchester in 2014 to raise awareness of Hunger in Westchester County.

Since then Chef Michael has been exploring other ways to share and make the local community better, and today he’s doing by guiding us through some of the daily food struggle many of us experience.