How Millennials Are Shifting The Golf World

Time is a rare commodity it seems, these days, as the pace of daily life continues to increase. Though many people assume golf to be one of the most time-consuming activities out there, things are shifting, even in the golf world. These days, millennials are setting the pace and with it comes new expectations.

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We’ve Got The What, Why, and Where of Your Fall Golf Getaway

Crisp everything – leaves, air, and your golf game. Autumn is, without a doubt, the best season to play golf. Sure, golf is fun in the summer, spring, and winter (if you live somewhere where “winter” is warm that is), but none of those seasons are quite as spectacular as the fall. Being surrounded by blazing shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple leaves is inspiring to say the least! The reasons to plan a few trips to the course during the autumn season are numerous, here are a few you can mull over.

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Looking For a Little Summertime Family Bonding? Look no Further Than The Golf Course!

Finding quality time to bond with your children isn’t always easy during the school year. Between after school activities, weekend birthday parties and sleepovers, and the quick pace of the school year, time simply flies.

Come summer break, though, and the opportunities for quality family time have arrived abundantly! With an excess of time on your hands to hang out with your kiddos, what activities do you have in mind?


Strapped For Time? Good Thing The Nine-Hole Round Has Come to The Rescue

When was the last time you had a free four to five hours to do with what you please? For many of us, that sort of free time is few and far between. Between work, family engagements, time with the kids, etc. etc., there isn’t always time to hit the golf course with the crew and make our way through 18 holes, which often translates to about four and a half hours.

So if you love golf but you don’t have an abundance of free time, what can you do?

Opt for the nine-hole round instead! The nine-hole round is becoming more and more commonplace and for understandable reasons. Too many golfers have been walking away from the sport because they lack the time.

Great news! You can be busy, and still play golf, thanks to the succinct nine-hole round. Yes, we know it’s not the traditional golf experience, but hey – times change, and golf must adapt with them!

Here are seven reasons why it’s cool to play nine.


5 Quick, Simple Ways to Get Ready For Golf Season

We know you’re itching to get out on the course with your buddies to play your first round of the season. Yet with a few, hopefully quick months left of winter, it isn’t quite time yet. But guess what? There’s plenty you can do in the meantime to prep for the golf season. Between working on physical fitness, mental sharpness, and organization, these 5 golf preparation steps will have you in tip top golf shape come spring.